Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HTC may finally get it

I wrote an article a little while ago criticising HTCs marketing efforts.  I think the points I brought up hit the nail on the head, the company just wasn't investing enough in their marketing effort.  Even though they had superior hardware, it didn't matter to the consumer because they weren't informed of the benefits of the HTC One series phones.  HTC has said they are going to change this and give an effort to marketing their new phone, the HTC One.

I think HTC has made some great devices and the One series phones were nicely designed phones with great materials.  The consumer has a hard time making senese of all the derivations of the HTC One that was available.  I think HTC has learned their lesson.  They are releasing the HTC One, probably the nicest designed Android phone to ever be released.  What is great about their marketing message is that they are hopefully going to release only one phone with one name.  I hope they don't follow the temptation to release millions of derivatives of the same phone concept.

HTC really needs to market the design of the phone, the boom sound, and the design process that they have taken to make the phone.  I currently have a Galaxy S3.  It works great but it looks hideous.  There really isn't anything special about the build of the phone whatsoever.  Its basically just a plastic brick.  What is hilarious is that this phone was inspired by nature.  HTC has a real chance to gain market share back from Samsung if they can market to the consumer correctly.  Although it is going to be difficult with the marketing budget that Samsung has, it can be done.  I am rooting for you HTC.

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