Saturday, February 16, 2013

Widget Locker and why its so great.

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and sold my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 Phone.  One of the drawbacks of using Samsung's TouchWiz over Windows Phone is that the GS3's lockscreen cannot be used to display any information that you may want to view.  Luckily, I found Widget Locker to be my locker savior.

The first thing that is great about this app is that it replaces your old lock screen.  Although every time I restart my phone I have to run the app again to get it to replace the GS3's lockscreen.  I don't know if this is just a flaw with the GS3 or if it is just this way when using Android.  I don't restart my phone often so it isn't really that big of a nuisance.

This app allows you to customize the way you unlock your phone.  Currently I am using the Jelly Bean unlocker but I added an option at the bottom of the unlock circle that will bring me to my dialer.  You can edit this to display a number of different configurations like moto, iPhone, Sense, ICS, and many other options.  No matter what unlocker you are using, you can customize each button on the unlocker so that it will open a different application or shortcut like the dialer.

You are also able to place any custom slider, application, shortcut or widget on the homescreen.  I have a widget that allows me to interact with Doggcatcher so I can pause and play my podcasts on the lockscreen. I also have a widget that displays the time as well as the weather.  In addition to the widgets, I have ten applications that I frequently use on the lockscreen.  What is great is that you can place any widget that you can place on the homescreen on the lockscreen.  Stock Android doesn't allow this flexibility.

I have tried a few other lockscreen widgets but none that allow the customizing that this app allows.  If you are looking for a great way to customize your lockscreen, I highly recommend this app.  If you choose to download this app, also download WidgetLocker Theme Viewer that will allow you change your unlocker to around 2,000 different options.  Currently I have a Pacman theme.  I hope that if you decide to download this app and enjoy it!

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